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The Hidden Power of Gemstones

Have you ever wondered about the magical powers of natural gemstones? Not only do people say they are magical they also have different energy and healing properties. Gemstones play an integral part in our jewelry choices. Here at Bounkit we love to combine different types of gemstones, creating an energy explosion. Below are some of our favourite gemstones and their energy properties.

This gem is said to be the most powerful gemstone of them all. Amethyst comes in a variety of different hues from deep purple known as African Amethyst to the lighter transparent color which is called Brazilian Amethyst. This stone is known for having inclusions as it is found in volcanic rocks and no two stones are the same.

Amethyst exerts infrared radiation which is said to help alleviate body pains as well as improve circulation. One myth is that if you sleep with an amethyst crystal near your bed it can help with insomnia. It also is a tranquilizer which can help relieve stress, anxiety, and even anger. Most commonly used in practicing meditation, this gem can heal the mind and protect one from all types of harm.



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