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Closure Guide 

 Having trouble deciding on which backing to choose? Each backing has its own special attributes. As you may not know, Bounkit offers 3 different backings. If you don't know the difference between them, don't worry! We are here to help you choose the best backing for you and your new gorgeous Bounkit earrings. 


 It looks exactly like how it sounds, a butterfly's wings! This is the most common type of back. It is a simple disk that slides onto the post. The loops around the back keep the post from sliding and keep it snug to the ear. One advantage of this is that you can change the tightness on your ear. We recommend using the butterfly back on lighter earrings and studs. When a butterfly is used on a heavier earring it can pull the earring forward and away from the ear. All butterfly post is 925 Sterling Silver. 

As you can see the earring is pulling forward and does not support the weight of the earring.



Also known as a French back. This back is by far the most popular and most secure. There is a hinge in the back that flips from open to close which is in the shape of the Ancient Greek symbol Ω. This back was derived from the “Clip-On” but with the noticeable difference of a post as well. We recommend omega backs for pretty much all earrings as it is the most secure and will hold the weight of heavier earrings up against the earlobe. All omega post backs are 925 Sterling Silver.


Last but not least is the clip-on backing. This was one of the first earring backs created as many people did not have their ears pierced in the earlier days. The biggest advantage of this back is that it does not require a pierced ear or enlarge the pierced hole on the earlobe, if you have one. Now, it is rare to find a clip on earring that is sturdy and comfortable but we have found the perfect solution. Our clip ons have a hinge with a supporting yet comfortable no-slip rubber grip. More and more we see clip-on’s are becoming hot in demand. 



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