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One of our most popular jewelry product categories is our collection of interchangeable earrings, which provide maximum versatility for all your accessory needs. Why buy a pair of earrings that you'll only wear for one event when you can buy something that can be converted for multiple occasions? The same pair can be just as appropriate for conservative workwear as it is for bold evening wear, with one easy and convenient change - and with a single purchase.

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Cocktail rings are just what you need to add a tad of dazzle to your look. These rings come in a wide variety with an array of precious and semi-precious gems to choose from, making it next to impossible to ignore, and when chosen correctly they definitely make heads turn! 

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Bridal Collection

When crafting a wedding ensemble, bridal jewelry holds immense significance. With our selection of elegant wedding jewelry, find a classic style full of throwback charm that has been updated for the modern bride. And she said YES!

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Men's Collection

Our Men's Accessories Store Offers Choices That Will Enhance Any Man's Wardrobe

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Sterling Collection

Most of our jewelry is handcrafted using gold-plated or rhodium-plated brass. However, we also have a small collection made from .925 sterling silver as the base metal. To achieve a brilliant finish, we coat the silver with 14K gold vermeil or rhodium.

The captivating fusion of sterling silver coated with gold vermeil combines the timeless allure of silver with the opulence of gold. The jewelry crafting process begins with a core base of high-quality sterling silver, forming the foundation of each piece. Then, a thin layer of genuine gold is meticulously applied to the silver's surface using a specialized electroplating technique.

The end result is a dazzling creation that boasts a lustrous golden finish on the outside while retaining the inherent elegance and value of sterling silver within.

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