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Welcome to

Bounkit Family

When you hold a Bounkit creation and wear it with pride, I'd like you to experience the same curiosity and enchantment as my young daughter when she sees a glistening gemstone.Growing up in Morocco, I was always surrounded by gems as well as their lore, and I knew they'd be my life's destiny. My fascination with the colors and shapes of stones and my awe of the unique, vintage jewelry pieces I saw as a child have paved the way for the creative vision I share today with my wife, a true gemstone aficionado as well.

I met Sana almost two decades ago, and we established Bounkit as a family business first and foremost. Through loving partnership, our passionate and rooted approach to product development allows us to elevate accessories into storied future heirlooms and objects of beauty that can serve as the inspiration for family traditions.

Bounkit is a foundation for the home we've built for our children, who challenge us to stay current with evolving trends and customer needs. We balance our heritage as well as our jewelry traditions with designing pieces that will resonate with the most discerning of customers. Our family also includes the craftspeople in our NYC workshop and our close-knit team of artisan stone carvers worldwide.

Now our family includes you. Welcome to Bounkit!




Innovations in Accessorizing

As the name describes, each piece in collection is interchangeable and can be worn in various color combinations and configurations - whatever the wearer can imagine for herself! Bounkit's innovative approach to accessorizing inspires clients to have fun with their style and express themselves accordingly. All our designs are made to define your day, lift your mood, soothe, or add sparkle and unending fascination. Bounkit pieces are always suitable for any occasion, ready to complement your natural beauty - and your new favorite outfit. Brooches and earrings transform into pendants, while necklaces can be worn as belts or bracelets.



Inspiration & Process

Bounkit's loyal clients compare the jewelry to the "perfect spice", a je ne sais quoielement that may seem trivial to the uninitiated but actually makes a major impact.

Every year, Bounkit produces three complete collections in their New York City atelier, where the jewelry is handcrafted to precise specifications. The goal is always to create an of-the-moment look that clients will crave and wear with complete ease and enjoyment, whether for casual or glamorous occasions. The brand has become the family's autobiography, adding a new chapter with each new collection full of its own stories.

Hassan enjoys mixing sunset hues with vibrant, organically-cut, semi-precious stones. Many of the boldest pieces feature sensationally gigantic gemstones, making them "power pieces" that pay homage to the statement cuffs worn by the silver screen stars of the 1940s. They perfectly blend modern, architectural style with a splash of Art Deco.


Bold Styles to Red Carpet

Celebreties & Press

Bounkit's jewelry pieces have not only won awards, but they've also been heralded by fashion and jewelry industry magazine editors Celebrities have worn them on the red carpet, and Hollywood stylists have chosen Bounkit for TV shows. 

The brand has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Allure, Gotham, Essence, Glamour, Town & Country, InStyle, Conde Nast Traveler, Departures, Domino, and O Magazine, among others.

Queen Letizia Ortiz, Oprah, Iman, Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Brooke Shields, Megan Markle, Taylor Swift, and Lily Collins have all worn Bounkit.

The jewelry has appeared on NBC’S “The Today Show”, “The Oprah WinfreyShow”, “Lipstick Jungle”, “Insecure”, “Reign”, “Astronauts Wives Club”, and “Gossip Girl”.



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