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We believe that every business has the responsibility to take care of our neighborhoods, communities, and our planet. Let's be real - wearing something you know hurt the environment or exploited low wage workers just doesn't feel good, and it's not something our global community can continue doing if we want to keep life on our planet thriving. That's why we have made sustainable practices an essential part of our day to day here at BOUNKIT. You can feel good knowing the jewelry you put on you body is made sustainably by our use of carbon offsets, zero waste manufacturing, recycling, and much more.


1. We are 100% made-to-order. That means we don’t mass produce anything. It also means we don't have inventory that turns into waste. 

2. We use recycled metals whenever possible, and we also recycle all of our scrap metal. 

3. All of our materials are natural. We don’t use any kind of plastic, acrylic or resin that is harmful to the environment in our manufacturing process. 

4. All our packaging 100% recyclable.



Our jewelry is thoughtfully handcrafted before it makes its way to you. That is the quality standard behind every Bounkit piece and a promise we can make it because our artisans are family. After all, we've been together for over 15 years.


Quality is key and expertise requires the right amount of tradition and innovation. Gemologists source, select and carve magnificent stones from Amethsyt to hematite, from quartz to topaz and agate: hints of natural perfection, the purest shades. Skilled cuts are performed by hand in india, and stones and freshwater pearls come surrounded with Cubic Zirconia - the ideal alternative to diamonds, maximizing the elegance of each design. From drawing to cutting and setting, up to engineering and finishing, beauty comes in many steps of production.


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