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With Father's Day right around the corner, we're excited to celebrate fathers as well as other amazing men in our lives. Jewelry is often considered an industry that caters to women, but the reality is that men's jewelry has a long and healthy history extending to the present day. Many men love wearing jewelry and other statement-making accessories like cufflinks and lapel pins, not only for special occasions but also on a daily basis. Hassan Bounkit knows what men like to wear, and he designs exquisite pieces for men who enjoy being playful with their style.

History of Men's Jewelry

Even more than 100,000 years ago, early men wore jewelry made from shells and animal teeth, and that tradition of adornment has continued throughout time. According to an article from Ranker, in the 16th century, "Jewelry was a way for men to show off their wealth, much like their clothes. Rich, opulent fabrics were a way to convey wealth and power, and jewelry was another way to send the same message."

When the Egyptian ruler King Tutankhamun was excavated along with his tomb in the 1920s, he was found buried with many different artifacts including beautiful ancient jewelry as well as a death mask crafted from solid gold with obsidian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, amazonite, quartz, and carnelian.

Today, men's jewelry is hotter than ever, with many of the most popular and sought-after jewelry brands entering the men's jewelry market. Bounkit is proud to say that we also make beautiful and collectible items for men.

Cufflinks and Lapel Pins

Bounkit has two accessory options for its male customers: cufflinks and lapel pins. Most people are familiar with cufflinks, but not as many know about lapel pins and how they can be styled. We're going to provide you some insights into both styles, so you can make the best decision about gifting your favorite man.

Cufflinks were created in the 1600s to hold together the cuffs of a man's shirt. Today, we have buttons to do that job, but cufflinks are still a stylish way to add a dash of elegance to any shirt with buttonholes in the cuff. Some shirts, including French cuff shirts, actually don't have any buttons and require cufflinks.

Bounkit offers a variety of cufflink styles, all of which are crafted by hand with semi-precious stones and brass, with either a rhodium-plated or gold plated finish. One of our personal favorite cufflink styles is the Carved Black & Spiny Oyster Shell Cufflinks, which feature dramatic carved black onyx, clear quartz, and spiny oyster shell. The color combination is sure to attract attention!

Another cufflink style we love is the Labradorite, White Pearl & Lemon Quartz Cufflinks, handcrafted in 14K-gold-plated brass with labradorite, white pearl, and lemon quartz. The neutral palette of these cufflinks ensures that they go with everything, while the pearl accent takes them to a new level of sophistication.

Unlike cufflinks worn with French cuff shirts, lapel pins don't have any practical function and are worn exclusively for adornment. They'll instantly add flair and interest to any suit jacket. If you're ready to step up your formal and work wear to a new level, then a lapel pin is the ideal accessory that will attract attention and compliments.

Like our cufflinks, our lapel pin styles are also made by hand with semi-precious stones and brass, with either a rhodium-plated or gold-plated finish.

One of our favorite lapel pin styles is the Aquamarine Wasp Lapel Pin, featuring a striking wasp that has been crafted in 14K-gold-plated brass with emerald-cut aquamarine accents. Wasps symbolize concepts like productivity, courage, and new beginnings. In addition, aquamarine is the birthstone of March and represents happiness, hope, and everlasting youth. What an amazing gift to give the man in your life!

Another style we love is the Cluster Lapel Pin, available in three different colors, all of which feature the June birthstone moonstone as an accent stone. The floral shape of this lapel pin is playful and happy, perfect for an upbeat and festive occasion.

Which of these styles do you think Dad - or any of the important men in your life - would love? Is he more of a cufflinks guy, a lapel guy, or both? You can shop all our men's jewelry styles by visiting this page.


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