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Necklace Lengths Guide: Styling From the Choker to Long Necklace

Is there any type of jewelry more sensuous than the necklace? A necklace can intimately follow the curves of your décolletage and adapt to you as you move through your day. It accommodates the body yet sits close to one of our most vulnerable parts - the neck.

Necklaces are the most-viewed category on Bounkit's ecommerce boutique. We specialize in extra long necklaces, which attract customers seeking a more vintage-inspired, dramatic look that perfectly complements bold evening wear. But we also have chokers and everything in between, including adjustable necklace styles.

How can you style various necklaces together to achieve a look that's uniquely you? We've put together a necklace lengths guide to give you some guidance and ideas. Continue reading for tips and style ideas.

Choker Necklaces

A choker necklace is any type of necklace that hugs the neck closely. Wider chokers are perfect for wearing with strapless or spaghetti strap silhouettes, while slimmer chokers look great with high necklines like boat necks.

When layering a choker with other necklaces, you'll want to avoid having too much of a difference between the two lengths. For example, if you wear a 16" choker, then you'll want to layer that with an 18" necklace rather than jump to a 24" necklace. A perfect example of popular choker is our elegant and sophisticated version made with Clear Quartz and Lemon Quartz.

Adjustable Length Necklaces

Many of our customers opt for adjustable length necklaces, which provide a lot of versatility and can be worn with many different necklines, from high neck to scoop neck and beyond. In addition, with an adjustable length necklace, you won't ever have to worry about your neck size, since the same style will fit both petite and standard neck sizes. This makes adjustable length necklaces a great choice for gifting.

As with styling the choker, you'll want to layer adjustable length necklaces with other necklaces that aren't drastically different in length. An adjustable length necklace could potentially be a great option for layering with a choker necklace. When adjusted to its longest length, an adjustable length necklace could also pair well with a long necklace.

Our Peacock Keshi Pearls & Blue Topaz Necklace is one of the top-viewed necklace products on our ecommerce boutique. It measures 18" in length but also has an extender that makes it adjustable. Large, organically-shaped Peacock Keshi Pearls are interconnected by links and accented with a wave of brilliant blue topaz gems. Another popular option is our Multicolor Riviere Necklace.

Long and Extra Long Necklaces

In another blog post, we talked about the popular sautoir necklace trend, which is perfect for the fashionista who wants to add some dramatic flair to an outfit. A sautoir is a long necklace that often features beads, and it typically hits the waist line or even lower than that.

How should you be styling a sautoir or an extra long necklace? These necklaces are lovely worn with a cardigan or blazer, since they will accentuate the sleek and classic lines of the outfit. They could also be layered with a dress that has a simple neckline, like a boat neck or scoop neck.

Regardless of how you decide to style your necklaces, you can feel confident that any Bounkit design will add sophistication and boldness to your outfit. For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @bounkitnyc or shop our complete Necklaces category now.


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