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How to Rock Unique Men’s Accessories Like Brooches and Lapel Pins

If you think that brooches and lapel pins are only for women or old-fashioned gentlemen, think again. If Charley McLeod, the Hollywood producer responsible for Netflix’s Lift, told us anything by wearing a Bounkit lapel pin for the movie’s premiere, it’s that these accessories are making a comeback in men’s fashion, and for good reasons. They can add a touch of personality, flair, and sophistication to any outfit, whether it’s a suit, a jacket, or a sweater. In this post, we’ll show you how to rock these unique men’s accessories and why they’re trending right now.

Bounkit’s Lennon Lapel Pin

Bounkit’s Lennon Lapel Pin (more colors)

What Are Brooches and Lapel Pins?

Brooches and lapel pins are decorative pieces of jewelry you wear attached to the lapel or collar of a garment. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They can also feature different designs, some of the most common ones are flowers, animals, and symbols.

Brooches and lapel pins are often used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences between them. Brooches are typically larger and more ornate than lapel pins, and they have a pin or a clasp at the back to secure them to the fabric. Lapel pins are smaller and simpler than brooches, and they have a butterfly clutch or a screw at the back to fasten them to the lapel.

Bounkit’s Green Onyx & Prehnite Cufflinks

Bounkit’s Green Onyx & Prehnite Cufflinks

Why Are Men's Designer Brooches and Lapel Pins Trending?

Brooches and lapel pins are not new to the men’s fashion world. They’ve been worn by men for centuries, especially by royalty, nobility, and military officers, as a sign of status, affiliation, or honor. Recently, these accessories have gained popularity among modern men who want to express their individuality, creativity, and confidence.

Some reasons why brooches and lapel pins are trending are:

  • They’re versatile and easy to wear. You can wear them on any occasion, from formal to casual, and with any style, from classic to edgy. You can also mix and match them with different outfits, colors, and patterns, to create different looks and moods.
  • They’re fun and fashionable. You can use them to add some humor, charm, or personality to your outfit, or to make a statement or a conversation starter. You can also choose from a wide range of designs to suit your taste and mood.
  • They’re affordable and accessible. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a nice brooch or lapel pin; some men’s designer brooches are affordable (and a great investment). You can also collect them or give them to someone special.

Bounkit's Beetle Lapel Pin

Bounkit's Beetle Lapel Pin

How to Rock Men’s Lapel Pins and Brooches?

Now that you know what brooches and lapel pins are and why they’re trending, you might be wondering how to wear them. Here are some tips and tricks to help you rock these unique men’s accessories:

#1 Choose the Right Size and Placement

Generally, you want to choose a brooch or lapel pin that is proportional to your lapel or collar, and that doesn’t overwhelm or clash with your outfit. You also want to place it on the left side of your chest, near your heart, or on the right side if you are wearing a pocket square. You can also experiment with different positions, such as on the shoulder, the pocket, or the cuff, depending on your preference and the design of the accessory.

#2 Choose the Right Style and Color

You want to choose a brooch or lapel pin that matches or complements your outfit, your personality, and the occasion. For example, you can go for a simple and elegant pin for a formal event, or a colorful and whimsical brooch for a casual outing. You can also play with contrast and harmony, such as pairing a dark suit with a bright pin, or a patterned shirt with a solid brooch.

#3 Choose the Right Number and Combination

You don’t have to limit yourself to one brooch or lapel pin. You can wear more than one, as long as they don’t look too crowded or chaotic. You can also mix and match different styles, colors, and shapes, to create a unique and interesting look. For example, you can wear a floral brooch with a geometric pin, or a metal pin with a fabric brooch.


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