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Guide to Types of Earring Backs

If you have pierced ears, you may have wondered at some point: what's the best way to keep my earrings secure while also maintaining the comfort and health of my ears? Even if you don't have pierced ears, you may be hoping to try a statement earring style without commiting to the piercing.

At Bounkit, earrings are one of our most popular product categories among clients; shoppers especially love our interchangeable earrings, which offer versatility and playfulness as they curate their day-to-day looks. So we know a thing or two about wearing and styling earrings.

The greatest challenge with ensuring that every client has the perfect earring fit is knowing that each individual has their own preferences and needs when it comes to earring backs and closures. For example, some people have very sensitive earlobes, while others need a more lifted look, due to years of wearing very heavy earrings.

We're always happy to help you find the perfect earring back that will work for you, but you can keep reading this blog post for a rundown about the types of earring backs and closures that we offer for our handcrafted earrings.

You can also check our Earring Closure Guide for more information as well as contact information for additional support.

What are the different types of earring closures for pierced ears?

French Clip and Butterfly Earring Back

The most common type of earring closure, the French Clip and Butterfly earring back features a post attached to the back of the earring. This post has a small groove, so another jewelry finding called a "butterfly" can slide onto the post and "click" securely into the post, keeping the earring on your ear.

French Clip and Butterfly earring backs are typically best suited for more lightweight earrings like studs. When a post and butterfly is used on a heavy earring, then the earring may pull forward away from the ear and droop. If you have stretched-out piercings, then this may not be a great option for you, since it doesn't provide a lot of support.

At Bounkit, all our posts and backings are made from .925 sterling silver, the purest form of silver available in the marketplace. Wearing this type of earring back ensures that you won't be exposing your skin to unknown metals and other undesirable materials!

Our Dual Studs would be especially well suited for a post Butterfly backing, but it's also available with French Clip  and Clip-on backings, which we'll review in just a moment. Shop now.

Pierced (French Clip) Earring Back

The French Clip back or closure  gets its name from the Greek letter omega, which looks like this: Ω. The shape of this earring closure perfectly resembles the letter with its looped design.

Like a post and butterfly earring back, this closure also has a post that goes through your piercing. But unlike the first type, this closure has a hinge with a looped omega that slips over the post and puts light pressure on the back of the ear lobe, securing the earring to the ear.

We recommend French Clip earring backs for nearly every earring style, since they're especially supportive for large statement earrings. Like the post and butterfly earring back, the posts for our omega backings are also made from .925 sterling silver.

These Carved Green Quartz and Fuchsia Earrings would be simply perfect with a French Clip back, which will support them comfortably and keep them close to the ear. Shop now.

What earring closure is available for non-pierced ears?

Clip on Earring Back

You don't need to have pierced ears to enjoy Bounkit's treasures. If you do have pierced ears, but you're careful about wearing statement earrings, then clip on earring backs could also be a good choice for you.

Clip on earrings are a relatively new innovation, given that humans have been piercing themselves for adornment and tradition since 2500 BCE. They were invented in the 30s and became the most popular earring back style in the 40s.

It's rare to find a clip on earring back that's both comfortable and secure, but we've managed to create one that our clients love. Our innovative clip on closure design has a supportive yet snug no-slip, rubber grip. Our clients ask for them often!

These drop-style Mother of Pearl and Fuschia Earrings would be an ideal candidate for a clip on earring back. Shop now.

Which earring back style is right for me?

The choice of earring back style can be a very personal one, depending on your individual piercing situation as well as your comfort level with wearing earrings and how you want your earrings to fit. If you need additional support in choosing the right earring back style, then you can always contact us with your questions. We're happy to help!


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