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Discovering the World of Pendants: How Pendant Jewelry Tells a Story + Styling Tips

It's safe to say that among all the charming and glittering items in our online jewelry shop, pendants have a special way of capturing our attention. After all, they're much more than mere decorative pieces - they're stories that we tell, often without ever speaking a word.

What's a Pendant?

In short, pendants are typically round or heart-shaped ornaments made of metals and adorned with gems in a variety of sizes and shapes. They're normally suspended from a chain, with dainty, stylish links or dramatic, statement-making ones.

There's a very specific difference between pendant and necklace varieties, although some people tend to use them interchangeably. The former is basically a piece that attaches to a necklace, while the latter is an entire jewelry item. Even though they're both just as nice on their own, combining them together can grant you a truly mesmerizing effect.

The Long and Rich History of Pendants

The unique pendants we know and love today aren't recent inventions. If we dig deeper into their history, we can trace them back to the Stone Age, when they were merely a primitive practice of wearing raw stones, animal teeth, and shells as a way to reflect their cultural identity.

This practice was adopted by ancient Egypt, where they were symbols of commemorative or auspicious scenes in which sovereigns faced defiance and divine forces. Soon after, they started to bear other shapes as well, including winged scarabs, vultures, sacred serpents, and even the eye of Horus.

During the Middle Ages, these items were more religious in nature and related to Christian symbols like the crucifix. However, with the rise of personal wealth during the Renaissance period, they went from being simply a reflection of someone's faith to being an expression of individual style and status.

Subsequently, the Art Nouveau school of the 19th century turned this prestigious type of jewelry into an art form, with more intricate designs that boasted delicate enamel, pearls, and exquisite craftsmanship. They added a feminine twist to the blossoming trend and featured women's figures, peacocks, butterflies, and flowers on some of their more popular pieces.

These days, this delicate and sophisticated practice is reflected in the range of pendants that are available. The floral motifs that were so well-liked in the 19th century continue to flourish in the modern scene, with pieces like the Carnelian, Lapis & Mother Of Pearl Flower and the Blue Aventurine, Amethyst, and Blue Topaz pendants being effortlessly charming and timeless.

Their subtle design and realistic shapes are meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, all while boasting one-of-a-kind beauty. The semi-precious stones that adorn the center of these pieces feature a spectrum of colors and hues, with stunning tones and elegant luster that exude luxury.

Tips for Styling Pendants

As appealing and stylish as they may be, pendants can sometimes be a tricky item to style. Since they're normally the focal point of your entire outfit, they definitely require some extra thought and consideration. 

Consider Your Neckline

Think about how deep or wide your neckline is and decide accordingly. If it's a plunging one, you should opt for a longer pendant, ideally one that dangles slightly below the neckline. However, if it's a crew or boat neck top, you should opt for a shorter one that rests just above the collarbone.

Similarly, a V-shaped neckline will show off a medium-length piece perfectly, thanks to its elongating shape. The natural curves of your neckline can also be accentuated with a delicate, teardrop-shaped piece. If you have a U-shaped one, then you'll have more space to play and experiment with different designs. 

Get Creative with Different Shapes

Once you've figured out how long or short your pendant should be, you can start to get a bit more creative with its shape and design. While the classic floral or teardrop shape will never go out of style, you can also opt for something a bit more daring, like an abstract design or even something with a geometric edge.

For instance, the Garnet Heart Pendant has a stunning brownish-gold tint to its design, with semi-precious stones lining the edges for a more natural touch. It's not overly ornamental, but its unique shape and interesting visuals are certainly eye-catching.

Mix Up Different Metals

Gone are the days when gold was the only metal that mattered. There's no longer a need to adhere to singular and one-dimensional tones, with the modern-day pendant offering a range of more interesting alternatives.

Chances are that you'll have a few different jewelry items in your collection, made of various metals like silver, brass, bronze, and even a mix of different alloys. The differences in their colors, textures, and hues make them incredibly versatile and will allow you to create a more diverse look. If you're ready to add a new pendant to your collection, shop our full assortment here.


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