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Mastering Autumn’s Color Palette: How to Style Fall Jewelry & the Best Gemstones to Wear

As the leaves change and the air grows crisp, our wardrobes and accessories naturally shift to reflect the vibrant hues of autumn. This fall, it's all about embracing nature's rich, warm colors — and what better way to do this than with gemstone jewelry?

In this definitive guide, we'll explore how to perfectly style your autumn outfits with a captivating fall color palette using the most radiant gemstones. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or just looking for ways to spice up your fall wardrobe, we'll help you make a statement with your jewelry choices this season.

Let's dive into the world of fall-inspired elegance with vibrant gemstone jewelry!

Our Favorite Gemstones for Fall Color Palettes

Check out our curated list of the best gemstones to rock in autumn and some of our all-time favorite gemstone jewelry pieces for fall:

Deep Greens: Green Quartz + Green Onyx

What better way to embody the beauty of the fall season than embracing its darker hues? Deep greens are a must-have in your fall jewelry collection. Green Quartz is renowned for its verdant hue and subtle sparkle, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. And green onyx provides a deeper, richer tone. These stones create an enchanting, earthy look that perfectly complements the fall color palette.

Royal Purples: Amethyst

Nothing says luxury quite like royal purple, and Amethyst is the perfect gemstone to add this regal hue to your fall wardrobe. Amethyst is known for its rich, deep purple color and gives any look a sense of sophistication and mystery.

Navy Blues: Lapis

Navy blue represents the darker fall evenings. It's a timeless color that adds depth and richness to your style. Lapis gemstone jewelry, with its intense blue color sprinkled with golden flecks, captures the essence of a starry autumn night sky.

  • Pearl Buttons
    These pearl and lapis drop earrings speak volumes about the timeless nature of the navy-white color combo.

Orange: Citrine

Citrine's warm, glowing orange hue embodies the essence of fall. Both citrine and carnelian come in a variety of oranges, adding that much needed warmth we need as it starts to chill out.

  • Citrine and Carnelian Studs
    Embrace the attractive beauty of these oval-shaped citrine and carnelian studs hugged by golden leaves to make a statement this season.

Red: Carnelian + Garnet

Nothing captures the fiery beauty of fall foliage quite like red gemstones. Carnelian, with its warm, fiery tones ranging from bright orange to deep red, is the perfect stone to complement the overall autumn aesthetic. On the other hand, the rich, deep garnet is an ideal addition to your more sophisticated fall attire.

  • Star Studs
    Wear these red and purple flowers with golden detailing to bring a touch of past-season nostalgia.
  • Carnelian and Amethyst Cuff
    All eyes will be on you when wearing this beautiful cuff, ideal for making a statement.

Brown: Smoky Quartz + Tiger's Eye

Adding earthy tones to your wardrobe is always a great idea during fall, and brown gemstones like Smoky Quartz and Tiger's Eye do just that. These stones offer a range of warm, neutral hues that pair well with virtually any color in your fall wardrobe.

How To Wear Our Jewelry With Fall Outfits

Now that we've identified the gemstones that genuinely shine in autumn, it's time to delve into the exciting part — styling them with your fall outfits. How do you incorporate these vibrant stones into your wardrobe?

Well, whether you're going for a chic, sophisticated look or aiming for a more casual, laid-back style, there's a way to make these gemstones work for you. It's all about creativity and expressing your style. So, let's dive deeper and explore how you can make a statement this fall with your gemstone jewelry.


As temperatures start dropping, we naturally start to layer our clothing. You can apply the same principle to your jewelry. Layer delicate necklaces at different lengths to create a unique look or mix bracelets and bangles to echo the layered feel of your fall clothing.

Statement Pieces

Fall fashion often features high necklines, chunky knits, and heavier fabrics. Consider adding one or two bold statement pieces to your outfit to balance out these robust elements. Large earrings or a standout cuff bracelet can add a focal point to your look and prevent your jewelry from getting lost amid the fabrics.

Texture Play

Fall is about playing with textures, from soft cashmere to thick wool. Choose jewelry with textural interest, such as a gemstone combination, to echo and contrast the textures in your clothing.

Earring Focus

Scarves and turtleneck sweaters are popular during fall, as covering the neck area becomes a necessity for warmth. It gives you an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your face with dramatic or detailed earrings. Opt for unique and eye-catching designs, such as drop earrings or studs with exciting shapes and colors.

As we wrap up, it's clear that the charm of fall isn't just about pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters. It's also about embracing the color palette that nature presents us with and reflecting it in our style choices. By incorporating the vibrant hues of gemstone jewelry into our autumn wardrobe, we can capture the season's essence. Remember, it's not just about wearing jewelry; it's about styling it in a way that complements your outfit and personality. So, go ahead and experiment with different gemstones this fall and let your style shine through. With these tips in mind, you're ready to step into the autumn season in style. Happy Fall!


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