Warranty & Repairs


How ​​Does The Bounkit Lifetime Warranty Work?

All jewelry should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. If there is a problem with your Bounkit jewelry piece, please contact us for repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss.

Luckily every hand-crafted Bounkit piece comes with a lifetime  Warranty. Whether the loose stones need to be tightened,  earring’s closure loose or tight , and cleaning your jewelry , we will repair it  free of charge. 

However, if your beads need restringing or any stones have to be changed , the Customer Care Team will be in touch to let you know the cost  before we replace it. 

If you have an original Bounkit printed receipt or partner receipt or any other form of proof of purchase. Please Complete this Form 

If you can’t find any proof of purchase don't worry we can still help. 

Before sending the jewelry please send us an image of the piece ( s ) to